I am closing my business and I am selling everything. If I do decide to restart my practice I will be using single-use instruments only.

I have a Tuttnauer EZ9 autoclave with printer, Ultrasonic, incubator, hand held portable rotary tool, many instruments (nippers; ingrown nippers; Blacks tools; burs; and more). I also have soft supplies like autoclave pouches, class 4 and 5 autoclave test strips, etc.

I now have everything photographed and priced in a Word document. I’m happy to email this document to anyone who is interested.

However (after 2 years of Covid) I am taking off overseas for just over a month to visit family. This means that I will not be here to arrange sales until the first week of June when I return. I am keeping a file of all who have inquired so that I can contact them on my return.

Until then if you want to contact me, or receive the Word document, please email me at pbarratt@shaw.ca. I will reply even while I am away. .