The Foot Care Association is not an employer or in a contractor relationship with any service provider (foot care nurse).  Arrangement for services are to be made directly with the service provider and the service provider is responsible for the provision of the services etc.


What The Foot Care Nurse Does

  • Treat a client by cutting and filing nails, reducing corns and calluses non- invasively within our scope of practice
  • Provide education to clients so they can improve their own foot care to prevent pain and complications (includes assessment of foot wear, aids etc)
  • Refer client to relevant healthcare specialties
  • Sterilize equipment according to recent Infection Control Guidelines.

Holistic includes the following:

  • Medical condition
  • Physical and cognitive limitations
  • Clients available support (family, care givers)
  • Clients goals and ability to comply


Suggested visit frequency will be determined by discussion between nurse and client and can always be adjusted.

In home nursing foot care rates average $75-100. 

Services provided by the Individual Foot Care Nurses:

  1. Interview and history
  2. Assess feet & nails, ambulation, environment, foot wear, skin condition, circulation
  3. Education through sharing assessment, talking about prevention/management


Clients should provide:

  • List of medications
  • Medical history
  • Towel
  • Good lighting
  • Comfortable chair
  • Shoes


*Check with your extended health if they cover “nursing foot care”.

http://Foot Care Services (POC 8) – Veterans Affairs Canada › eng › policies › document*

Can be applied to health section of income tax if no other coverage – also state “nursing foot care”.