Mission Statement

To support and facilitate the continued professional and educational growth of all foot care nurses within the Lower Mainland Foot Care Nurses Association.

Who We Are

We are a group of independent foot care nurses from British Columbia who have formed an association that meets at regular intervals to exchange ideas and new information about our profession. As registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, licensed practical nurses and nurse practitioners we provide foot care to clients in various settings throughout the lower mainland. The service is available to any individual that is unable to perform his or her own foot care due to medical, physical or mental health deficits. In the process of delivering foot care each nurse completes a comprehensive assessment that considers the physical, emotional, psychosocial, economic and spiritual needs of the person in relation to this very important aspect of self-care. We collaborate with various members of the clients healthcare team and we refer clients to appropriate professionals when needed. All services delivered to clients are guided by Best Practice and Professional Standards, Scope of Practice, Standards, Limits and Conditions, Code of Ethics and Regulatory Bylaws as set out in BCCNM.

We are not akin to or a substitute for podiatry medicine.  The Lower Mainland FootCare Nurse Association does not accept responsibility for the conduct, performance or non-performance of any individual nurse. This association is not liable for any injury which occurs as a result of Footcare performed by a member of our association.  Please note,  the LMFNA is not an employer or in a contractor relationship with any of our listed Foot Care Nurses. We do offer a Foot Care Nurse Directory to assist prospective clients to find individual foot care providers. If you are looking for a Foot Care Nurse, please click here Foot Care Nurse Directory



See the Event List for other relevant educational opportunities and LMFNA Meeting dates. 


Text Box: LMFNA respectfully asks that our Association Logo not be added to another website, used with social media, or any printed material without prior permission. Contact info@lmfna.ca