BCCNP-The floor is Open! Ask Away…

Our January 14th meeting will host Denice Evanishin, Nursing Practice Advisor of Regulatory Policy and Programs. Please post your questions here so we can help them prepare in advance the subjects they can speak to. Think about how your role as a foot care nurse may be influenced by standards of practice, what your policies and procedures should entail, how to determine and set boundaries and follow the code of ethics in your own nuring practice.

Please list your questions so we can share with BCCNP and they can come prepared to answer.

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  1. Charlotte Yan says:

    1. Ontario allows foot care nurses using scalpel to trim calluses. I find it very efficient for thick calluses. Are we moving towards that?

    2. For ingrown toe nail clients, very often they have infection around the ingrown nails. It doesn’t benefit clients to tell them to seek help from wound care nurses when we are there just dealing with nails especially weekends when clinic and doctors office not open. As nurses we all have dealt with dressing and wound care. Can you give a clear guideline how far foot care nurse to go for infected toes? I will understand if there’s a wound at heel or other part of the foot. What if the infection is around the nail? Can we do a dressing change around nails?

    Thank you !

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