Primary Health Care Team at Lu’ma Medical Centre seeking foot care nurse.

We are an Indigenous led Health Care Centre providing culturally safe, accessible care for Indigenous Peoples and their families. We are looking for a foot care certified nurse to fill a need at our clinic once or twice a month. Ideally, this nurse will be indigenous, or an indigenous ally who works within the lens of trauma informed, culturally safe practice.

Many of our clients have a need for foot care, but have been unable to access it. To remove this barrier, we are looking to provide the service on-site. We are able to provide the space and fund the service. Within our client panel we have approximately 70 people who live with diabetes, as well as many other chronic illnesses.

We imagine this role would take place one full day, or 2 half days a month at the beginning, with room for reassessment, if the need is higher. Appointment specifics, such as time allotment, will be discussed with interested candidates. We will be able to provide the space and bookings for clients, so nurses will only need to provide their expertise and any necessary equipment.

We would appreciate if you could forward this email to the members of the Lower Mainland Foot Care Nurses Association.

Any interested members, please respond by emailing to express your interest and a short blurb about your experience and qualifications. We will contact qualified applicants to discuss details and schedule an interview. We look forward to meeting prospective candidates who will help us to provide this much needed service for the Lu’ma family.


Marcia Smythe, RN

Posted: August 12, 2020