Position Filled: Foot Care Clients Available!

Beth Williston, Foot Care Nurse is retiring and seeking a foot care nurse or nurses that are interested in taking on her client list of approx. 60-100 clients. Beth has built up her practice over 14 years and is now looking to have a dedicated foot care nurse(s) continue to provide care for her clients. You may want to take on all her clients, or offer to take a few depending on the area you wish to work in. She has 3-4 clients in Richmond, several in Vancouver, including the west end with an assisted living facility. Beth is also a direct recipient of referrals from several Dr’s, NP and VCH case workers that she would be happy to connect you with. If you feel you can take on more clients, please contact Beth at bethwilliston56@gmail.com or on her cell at 604-916-9567