Retiring! Foot Care Kit for Sale


I am retiring from foot care nursing and would like to sell my entire kit. I have listed the contents below. I bought the nippers for $137 each from European Foot Care Supply and they alone are worth $700 new. I have a handled carrier for all the supplies, and I also have a rolling cart to carry everything. I am asking $500 obo. Please contact me at to inquire. I live in the Interior of BC and can either mail or I can drop off in person when I come to the lower mainland on occasion. Thanks for your interest,

Complete Foot Care Kit

5 high end German nippers (curved jaw: 14 cm (5 ½”; cross hatch handle)

4 black’s files

2 heel foot files

1 basin

1 carrying kit

1 full box corn pads

2 blister pads

1 unopened bag cotton swabs

1 alcohol dispenser

1 bath mat

1 rolling cart

12 towels

1 foot scrub lotion

1 moisturizing lotion

1 full box vinyl gloves

1 full box masks

1 full spray can Tinactin

1 polysporin tube

2 bottles tea tree oil- 1 pair fingernail scissors- 1 receipt book